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Truth Triumphs

Stepfather and daughter hatch plot to kill Mrs Reddy  

Bengaluru, Dec 31:

The sensational murder of Multi billioner Archana Reddy got more sensational
after the police investigations revealed that, both the accused – victims daughter Yuvika Reddy and second husband Naveen Kumar were fallen in love and wanted to get married.
The obstacle for the ‘lovers’ was Archana Reddy and the duo hatched plot to eliminate her and to pave way for leading lavish life.
38-year-old Archana Reddy, the deceased lady was murdered on Dec 27. A gang of miscreants have dragged her out of the vehicle and attacked her with lethal weapons at 11 pm the night.
The police have cracked the murder case of Archana Reddy on Dec 30 and arrested seven persons including her second husband Naveen Kumar (33) and daughter Yuvika Reddy in connection with the murder in Electronics City in Bengaluru.
DCP South East Srinath M Joshi earlier explained that the accused have conspired to kill Archana Reddy to usurp property in her name and lead a luxurious life. 
Accused Yuvika Reddy, a BCom student, was under the influence of her stepfather Naveen Kumar, a gym trainer, as he promised to make a succesful model and trained her in the gym.
After the gyms closed down due to the pandemic, he continued to train her in the house, police said.
The deceased Archana Reddy had one boy and one girl out of first marriage. Her late father was a realtor and she owned Rs 40 crore worth of properties in the Jigani area of Bengaluru.
The deceased mother Archana Reddy got a hint about her daughter and second hubby’s relationship had objected to it. She had filed a dowry case at the end of November against accused Naveen Kumar. After this, Yuvika Reddy who was living separately with Naveen Kumar got furious and allegedly plotted to eliminate her mother Archana Reddy along with stepfather turned lover Naveen Kumar.

Archna Reddy also sent goons to the house of Naveen Kumar to warn him to stay away from her daughter Yuvika Reddy and send her back. But, accused stepfather Naveen had challenged that he would divorce Archana Reddy and marry her daughter.      
Archana Reddy had also warned her daughter that she would not get anything from her ancestral property if she continued her relationship with her stepfather. However, the duo moved away after the fight. However, they could not lead a luxurious life as stepfather turned lover Naveen Kumar earned Rs 25,000 as a gym trainer and after lockdown, once the gyms were closed down he was under severe financial crisis.

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