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Let’s face the challenge together: CM Bommai

Bengaluru. Jan 1.
Year 2022 would be a challenging year from economic and administrative perspective. We have to resolve to face it effectively together, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said.

Extending his New Year wishes to officials on Saturday he said, “we have to prepare for the possible third wave of Covid along with pushing the economy forward. We can’t just sit back imposing the restrictions. We need to face it with various strategies. We have to work with greater vigor to tackle it.”

He asked the officials to cut down on wasteful expenditure in their respective departments. As for the revenue generating departments, he wanted them to raise their efficiency to improve the state’s finances.

“We should face the challenge with a positive attitude. Good thinking leads to good work. Good work paves the way for a good life. Love your work which will bring good results,” Bommai said.

“Ours is the government that had least interference in the administration over the last 5 months. Work according to your conscience. Let your experience prove helpful for the poor,” Bommai said.

Chief Secretary P Ravikumar, DG-IGP Praveen Sood and other senior officials participated in the meeting.

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