March 1, 2024


Truth Triumphs

State sets up Omicron Care hospital with 200 bed

The second wave of Covid-19 has sent shivers down the spine of every Indian, needless to talk about the deaths which fell like pack of cards. Both the state government and the BBMP seems to have realized the impact the second wave has had on the state in general and city in particular pushing the government and BBMP to the corner to arrange for oxygen, beds with ventilators and other necessary arrangements.

The fear is once again looming large with the Omicran cases rising in the city. Already eight cases of Omicran have been reported in the city. The reason for fear also has a scientific research backing. According to a study in Hongkong, the Omicran is said to be 70 per cent dangerous and spreads faster than the dreaded Delta virus variant.

Considering the seriousness, the BBMP seems to have pulled up its socks and has set up two exclusive Omicran care hospitals.  After one at Bowring hospital another hospital with 200 beds has been arranged at the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases. It has 37 ICU beds and 163 beds with oxygen support.

In case, the number of patients increase beyond its capacity at the Bowring they would be shifted to the new facility at the Rajiv Gandhi hospital for treatment and care.

CSR fund to set up hospital: Covid Field Hospital is collaborative initiative of state government, Swasti, the health catalyst and Texas Instruments.

Speaking to Bengaluru Express Dr. Nagaraj, director, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases said that 200 bed facility has been set up using CSR funds. If the 120 bed capacity at the Bowring hospital exceeds then they will be shifted to Rajiv Gandhi Hospital. Doctors from Jayadeva and Kidwai hospitals will be utilized to treat Omicron patients, he added.

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