March 1, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Son of noted astrologer arrested, minister lodges a plaint

Police on arrested son of a noted astrologer in connection with the case of blackmailing a minister over the private video of his son and for demanding an extortion amount of Rs 1 crore on Sunday.
Rahul Bhat is the arrested person. According to CCB police who are investigating the case, the accused had sent a video to the cellphone of minister for cooperation S.T. Somashekar in the last week of December, 2021. The video contained footage of his son. The accused demanded Rs 1 crore ransom from the minister to hush up the matter.
Mr Somashekar had referred the case to the police department and his son Nishanth had lodged a complaint in this regard stating that sone vested interests are doing thos to tarnish their family image.
The police after investigations arrested Rahul Bhat and took him into their custody for five days after producing him before the court.
The investigations revealed that the video had been sent from the mobile number of the daughter of Indi constituency Congress MLA Yashwanth Rao Patil. MLA Patil has told the police that his daughter is presently in the USA and while she was leaving the country, she had given her SIM card to one of her friends. The police now have got details of her friend and launched a hunt for him.

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