May 27, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Suspecting affair with wife man slits neck, drinks blood of friend, two held

Kolar, June 27: In a spine chilling incident, Kolar police held a person in connection with slitting the neck of his friend and drinking his blood suspecting an affair with his wife in Kolar district, according to police.

The accused is identified as Vijay, a resident of Chintamani. The police have arrested his associated Jhon Babu on charges of videograhing the act. The victim is identified as Maresh, a resident of Madempalli in Cheluru taluk.

The accused Vijay and Maresh were friends. They were engaged in cloth and bangle business. Both lived in rented houses in Gandhinagar locality of Chitamani town. Maresh was lenient with Vijay’s wife and had a suspected affair, police said.

Upon learning that Maresh had cheated on his friendship and had an alleged affair with his wife, Vijay planned to eliminate Maresh. He took the assistance of Jhon Babu and asked the victim to come near Siddapura cross on June 19. The victim was questioned on his lenient behaviour with Vijay’s wife and later the accused slit his neck with a knife. He drank his blood and warned him to stay away from his wife, police explained.

Jhon Babu had videographed the entire act. The video appeared in public domain causing concern among public in Kolar district. The police acted swiftly and tracked the accused and the victim. Maresh who is being treated at hospital is said to be out of danger. Police have taken up further investigation.

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