July 19, 2024


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Smart Lift and Mobility World Expo in Real Estate from March 1 to 3

Bangalore, February 27: A three-day expo of advanced technological innovations in the field of real estate “smart lift and mobility” will be on from March 1 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC).

The expo aims to provide unique and unprecedented advanced technological innovations never showcased in the past.

Over 130 exhibitors, 60 and above experts and more than 3000 delegates will participate in this largest-ever expo.

Among other sophisticated equipment that will be on display are elevators, mobility solutions, reformed and access-controlled entry and exit points, all related to real estate field will be part of this three-day expo.

Prestigious awards are being given in this SLW world 2024 International summit. The world’s first elevator run participants are also taking part in the expo.

Seminars pertaining to the challenges in the real estate field, the introduction of new VHT technology, has been organised.

Experts will throw light on the latest Design, elevated finish service, solutions from sustainable stainless steel, high-level aesthetics and long-lasting technology.

On the second day, an elevator safety run was organised between 6 am and 8.30 am. Later, future innovations in construction, sustainable growth, making construction cost-effective, adoption of latest Technology, security aspects in construction will be discussed in the seminars.

The award presentation ceremony will be held in the evening. On the third day, certificate of training, fundamental aspects of elevator and training session for fourth year college students has been organised Said by the Virgo Communications & Exhibitions Pvt Ltd Director Raghunath G , Karnataka Hydraulic & Elevator Manufacturers Association President Dr.Umesh kumar, Project Managers Vashdev G, Vishal Gaikwad& Divya were alsBangalor

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