May 18, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Silence- In the world of Noise! Exercise invigorates the body! Silence sharpens the mind!

GUEST COLUMN: Dr N Prabhudev

Incorporate Silence Into Your Fitness Routine!

Bengaluru, Sep. 13:
Be Silent. Be still.
Just listen to your thoughts
Silence can be louder than words. It’s the louder when words cannot adequately express thoughts. It speaks through the pain when you are hurt. Cultivate silence:

Silence- full of listening, an industrious silence – contemplative dimension of life.
All the unhappiness of men arises from one simple fact: that they cannot sit quietly for an hour. The older I get, the more I value the moments. I can listen to silence. The longest and most coherent global seismic noise reduction in recorded history”- the forced quiet of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Silence is a great canvas for your thoughts. Our entire lives are a combination of silence and sound.

Noise is considered a symptom of healthy economic activity. We want noise, loud and constant, because it tells us our machines are running, our cash registers are ringing, our video feeds are hot, and our colleagues surround us. Noise pollution doubles or triples every three decades.We tolerate it, even when it drives us mad because we think we need such activity to survive. Silence, in that worldview, is bad. It’s a metaphor for malfunction.

Across disciplines—from neuroscience to psychology to cardiology—there’s growing consensus that noise is a serious threat to our health and cognition. The effects of noise pollution – include heart attacks, high blood pressure, strokes, diabetes, dementia and depression! It could be responsible for the loss of hundreds of lives. It contributes to 48,000 cases of heart disease and 12,000 premature deaths across the continent each year.

Cultivate an hour of exercise – for the body and half an hour of silence – for the mind! Health benefits are real! One aspect of health that is often overlooked in today’s cultural climate is silence. Noxious levels of sound are stressful. True silence is the rest to the mind; It Is what sleep is to the body!
Physical exercise is not a silence-enhancing activity! Exercise is intense and loud in its own way. It is moving the body to action.

Silence balances this intensity. As you plan your exercise, incorporate quiet time too. 15 or 20 minutes – In the beginning, it may feel like an eternity; but with practice, even 20 minutes won’t seem like enough. Use this precious time for meditation, observing your thoughts. Internalize your feelings!
Silence and solitude helps “catch up” with our mind. It Improves Memory, Stimulates Brain Growth, and Relieves Stress, helps to get quality sleep, calms you, improves your creativity and detoxifies your mind! Go outdoors and find a quiet place amidst nature!

Breathe- use breathing to find stillness. Pay attention to the rhythm. Take slower and deeper breaths! Try to achieve six breaths a minute. You may never completely silence your mind. Instead, we’re training ourselves not to be a slave to our thoughts but to control them instead.

At night, we see with our ears!

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