May 22, 2024


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Ovum fertility opens at Battarahalli near KR Puram

Working women (IT-BT sector) under stress finds it difficult to conceive: Actress Shwetha Srivastav

Bengaluru, August 22: Millennials have been facing problems to have children during this modern age which is known for stress and pressure, according to Sandalwood actress Shwetha Srivatsav.

Speaking after inaugurating Ovum Fertility at Battarahalli near KR Puram here on Monday, Shwetha Srivatsav has opined that women working in IT and BT sector are under stress and it is not easy for them to have children. “Women are facing a lot of stress-related problems. They need fertility centres to have children,’’ said Shwetha Srivatsav.

Emphasising the need for trust for fertility treatment, she said that women should come out of psychological problems and have self-confidence and trust. “I became an actor after my marriage and continued acting in movies. I am writing a book on the challenges I faced in my career,’’ she said.

Dr Adarsh Somashekar, Chief Executive Officer of Ovum Fertility has said the hospital has experienced gynecologists and pediatricians and treatment would be given with medical equipment approved by FDA and CE.

 Dr Chaithra S K, Clinical Director and Lead Consultant, Reproductive Medicine, has said the treatment would be given to obese women for weight loss and fertility. “Problems among women residing in villages and cities are different. Women in cities are facing problems due to pollution and smoking while women in rural areas are facing problems due to pesticides. So, each woman needs separate treatment,’’ Dr Chaithra said.

Dr Archana Karthik, consultant, reproductive medicine, has said the maximum age for women to have children was 35 to 40 years. “Now treatment can be given to 53 year old women and 55 year old men  to have children due to modern technology,’’ said Dr Archana Karthik.

The Ovum Fertility has the facility to guide all age group women. The hospital keeps couples informed about every aspect of their IVF process, guiding them to make informed decisions.

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