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Sea Tunnel Aquarium largest aquarium show in city from April 15

Range of fishes will be on display

Show will be on from April 15 to May 15 between 4 pm and 9 pm

Bengaluru, April 14: With the summer vacation on, children will be eagerly looking for new occasion and opportunity to head out and enjoy.

From tomorrow, for aquatic life buffs, the city is unveiling one of the largest Sea Tunnel Aquarium show at Binny Mill Mall near ETA Mall from 4 pm to 9 pm. The will will be on until June 15. The aquarium will be spread over massive 20,000 square feet.

You can witness exotic species, including angelfish, clownfish, seahorses, boxfish, cowfish, eels, wrasses, and common marine life. To experience a fabulous array of aquatic life, including freshwater species, local marine species, and species that need conservation, include the Marine Aquarium.

Under Water Aqua Tunnel Show is most notable for its impeccably kept aquarium and upward-spiralling gallery. The aquarium contains enormous tanks filled with exotic fish, including koi, angelfish, scorpion fish, and more. Roughly 500 marine species on display.

The largest underground aquarium with 24 chambers. It includes nine medium-sized aquariums with marine and freshwater fish, thirteen tiny caves lodging freshwater species, two large caverns housing marine fish, and two caves housing marine fish. Four hundred different fish species are exhibited at the aquarium. These animals are kept in unique tanks, each with its own ecology.

Aquariums are a source of fun and entertainment for numerous individuals because of their wonderful yet enigmatic world that sometimes lies beyond our reach. While adults find them comforting and soothing, kids find them enjoyable and educational.

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