March 4, 2024


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Puncture shop on your finger tips!

Tyres becoming flat while going hurriedly to office, to some ceremonies and for appointments is not only uncommon but also causes mental stress in finding a nearby puncture shop.

But, LIVE PUNCHER, a puncher app comes to your rescue and bails you out when stranded in the middle of the road. For the first time ever, the app helps the stranded person and getting your flat tyre fixed on the spot in no time.

Sameer Dalasanur, the co- founder of Bengaluru based BlackPen Communications, has launched this app for the benefit of motorists. It bridges the gap between motorists and puncture mechanics.

The app can be downloaded from google play store. It is available for all android phones users and soon it will be available for IOS users as well. Once you download the app, create your account and get started by uploading your workshop/garage photos and contact details.

The user is supposed to enter details like name, contact number and type of vehicle that he or she owns. If you face puncture issues while heading to office or any destination, just click on the app and find the nearest Puncture shop to contact the mechanic.

The mechanic will visit the spot with the help of GPS map and fix your issue. It works similar to cab aggregator app and you can find the movement of the mechanic too. The app is primarily developed to help puncher mechanics, who fall under unorganised labour category.

The services of the app is absolutely free and does not charge any fee or commission but helps create a bond between mechanics and vehicle users.

Already, a few vehicle service apps are available in the market. But, they charge service fee from end users.

Whereas, BlackPen Communications has developed this app- Live Puncher, for the benefit of unorganised sector. Puncher shop mechanics need to register themselves with the app by providing details like address of the puncher shops, timings, contact details to enable themselves to be visible to the end users.

Co-founder Sameer shares his plight when he got stranded on the highway. He reaclls the kind of stress and haplessness on the highway as it is tough to find puncture shops.

Hence, he thought that others wouldn’t have to go through this if he came up with an app like Live Puncher. For further details connect 9036070067


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