May 27, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Bengaluru, May 4: Chief Minister holds crucial meeting with SIT officials

Bengaluru, May 4:
Chief Minister Siddaramaiah held an important meeting with the SIT officials in connection with Prajwal Revanna case.

The Chief Minister obtained information about the developments so far in the case from the officials.

Officials explained that Prajwal Revanna, the main accused, is missing and an intensive search is being conducted along with a lookout notice.

Immediate action should be taken to arrest Prajwal Revanna. Decisive and strict action should be taken against those involved in the case. The chief minister issued a stern warning to the officials that negligence and delay in this matter will not be tolerated.

We will proceed with arrest with appropriate measures. There is a possibility that CBI will issue a blue corner notice and the investigation will be speeded up. Officials said that they will arrest and bring him as soon as they get information from the airports.

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