May 27, 2024


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No need to twist Yathindra’s words: DKS

Bengaluru, Jan 18: Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar today said that former MLA Yathindra was a responsible leader and that there was no need to twist his words.

Speaking to reporters at Kumarakrupa guest house, he said, “It is natural to ask people to give one strength. Yathindra is a responsible leader, there is no need to twist his words or quote him out of context.”

Mr Yathindra, son of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, had earlier said that his father would continue as the Chief Minister for the full term of five years if Congress won good number of seats in the upcoming general elections.

“Our government will be strong for five years. Siddaramaiah is our Chief Minister now and I am the President of the State Congress, both of us will fight the upcoming elections together. We will go to elections under Siddaramaiah’s leadership, there is no doubt about it. There is nothing wrong in aspiring for more and seeking strength and power from the people. Even I have sought strength and power from the people of my region. There is no need to twist his words. He is a responsible leader and we encourage him,” he said.

Asked about BJP’s comments that power sharing in Congress was designed to keep Mr Shivakumar away from power, he retorted, “Let the BJP first fix its own internal party issues.”

Replying to a query on involvement of some BJP leaders in the manufacturing of fake Mysore Sandal soaps, he said, “I have seen both the original and fake Mysore sandal soaps, the fake ones lose colour in a day or two. This needs to be investigated and necessary action must be taken.”

Asked if BJP leaders were behind the Railway’s attempt to auction Railway land worth Rs 300 crore for Rs 80 crore in Hubballi, he said, “I don’t want to talk about things I don’t have necessary information on.”

“The list of appointments to Boards and Corporations will be released soon. I will inform you when Chief minister informs us about it,” he said replying to a query.

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