May 27, 2024


Truth Triumphs

No exam can ever test all your talents.

GUEST COLUMN: Dr. N. Prabhudev

SSLC exam are being held from March 31 to April 15, 2023. After obtaining SSLC grade, a student gets eligible for pre-university or for +2 educational sector. Identifying a suitable course – remember that a good career is the result of meticulous planning and proper training. Identify a course that suits your talent and interests.

These exams are so crucial for your future. All your future decisions like choosing the respective streams like Science, Humanities will be based on the outcome of SSLC examination. All your dreams of becoming doctors, engineers and lawyers will depend a lot on the outcome of this examination.

My dear students – Make exams a life-changing experience and not a trauma? Challenges don’t come to break you, they come to make you realize your true potential. So don’t panic, don’t stress, don’t fear, just Calm down, relax and gear up for this beautiful challenge. Education is the soul of a healthy society. Examination is its heart!

To the Parents – The pressure to see your kid succeed is immense! Don’t make your children’s careers a prestige issue. Don’t concentrate on their weakness, but see the child’s strengths.

To the Schools – Schools must revamp the curriculum to focus on skills. 4- C’s”: to think critically, work creatively, and communicate and Collaborate on a systematic basis. Exams are creating an Unhealthy competition.
My dear students – Stay focused and believe in yourself. A growing body of evidence suggests grades don’t predict success — C+ students are the ones who end up running the world. That is the bottom line! Strive for the best! Exam taking strategies are a bit like superstitions: everybody has got them, but nobody seems to know what works.

If you are struggling, talk to your family, teachers or even your friends about how you are feeling. Don’t hesitate to seek help! Work on your confidence. Find a strong purpose. Sometimes, we forget about the goal that we want to strive for. The charm in that goal will give you the reason to gather your self-esteem. Every single person in this world is born with the ability to strive for what they want.

Exam season can bring on levels of stress that can cause difficulties. But a little stress can be a good thing as it can be that motivational push that we need to get things done. Divide your time so you have enough time left for revision. Believe in yourself because you and only you can achieve what you have dreamt.

Shock and shame elements of failure are difficult to handle! The feeling of letting down parents is perceived as a betrayal. Failure is a part of life. Don’t be afraid! It is a stepping stone for success! Do course correction and get over it!
Sleeping well can be crucial for many in the exam season. A proper sleep helps your brain absorb more knowledge and remember information for a much longer period. A good night’s sleep can also help in reducing stress levels. So, don’t forget to improve your sleep cycle.
Healthy food contributes to stress reduction. It helps you detoxify, makes one feel good from within and keeps negative thoughts away. Give yourself enough value that every achievement of yours should count. Do not be around the people who keep on finding faults.

Discipline is an essential feature for all successful people and examination helps you become more disciplined. Exams make one stronger and prepare you to conquer all the challenges you will face in every aspect of life.
Time management is a very important skill in life. It is an essential part of our daily lives. Exams improve learning and enable people to take on new information. Examinations make the brain search the memory database for appropriate knowledge, questions and answers. It makes a healthy exercise for the brain.

Last Minute Exam Preparation Strategies
Focus on your Weak Areas. Give Attention To Core Areas. Revise and retain! Speed reading is good for understanding a subject faster – read out the important points loud and write it down on a paper. Last-Minute Study Groups. Avoid distractions. Take Regular Study Breaks. Enjoy the experience. All the best!

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