June 15, 2024


Truth Triumphs

No ban on mobiles at edu institutions: Dr.C.N.Ashwatha Narayana

Bengaluru: Dr. C. N. Ashwatha Narayana, The Minister for Higher Education stated on Friday, it would not be possible to ban the usage of phones in colleges as digital learning has become part and parcel of the study process.

Replying to a query by reporters about rumours that usage of mobiles will be banned in schools and colleges, he clarified that, “Nowadays modern gadgets such as mobile, computer, laptop, tab, etc have become an integral part of the teaching-learning process.” When such is the situation, how usage of mobile can be banned? he asked.

“Neither the students nor the parents should believe such rumours. The government’s aim is to provide quality education to students at all levels using modern gadgets. Accordingly, usage of mobiles in institutions will be continued”, Narayana emphasized.

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