May 23, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Mother sleeps for days with corpse of her daughter

Bengaluru, May 31: In a bizarre incident, a mother spending 4 days with the corpse of her daughter at home came to light on Tuesday sending shocker to residents in Mandya district.

Nagamma, an elderly lady, a resident of Halahalli village in Mandya district, was found sleeping beside the corpse of her daughter when the door was broken open. Nagamma was sleeping beside despite foul smell emanating from it, according to police.

When neither Nagamma nor Roopa came out of the house neighbours grew suspicious. They have also tried to contact Roopa over mobile phone, however their calls went unanswered.
When the neighbours broken open the door they found Nagamma sleeping with the dead body of her daughter. They informed the police later. The police said they are yet to ascertain the exact cause of death of Roopa.
Roopa was married a decade ago. She had come back to her mother’s house parting with her husband. Further investigation is on.

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