April 24, 2024


Truth Triumphs

KPCC former secretary Dr. Anand Kumar bags International golden pinnacle award

Bengaluru, Jan. 20: KPCC former secretary and founder of Manasa Group Dr. Anand Kumar has bagged the prestigious Golden Meru Award for “Indo-Thai Friendship and Economic Cooperation” given away by citizen integrated peace institutes.

Korean Dabaransi, former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand presented the award to Anand Kumar in a ceremony held at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Bangkok.

Citizen Integration Peace Institute, Indo-Thai Friendship and Economic Cooperation Organization, which has released a statement in this regard, is working hard to strengthen the relationship between India and Thailand. Efforts are being made to increase the economic cooperation between Karnataka and Bengaluru from Thailand in the coming days. This award is a tribute to Dr.Anand Kumar for his yeome public service.


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