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Kidwai gets bone marrow transplant facility

Bengaluru, Feb. 15:

Kidwai regional centres to be set up in districts

It is very crucial for kids battling cancer to get timely and right care. To ensure that no child battling cancer is deprived of treatment a bone marrow transplant centre has been set up in Kidwai which will provide free treatment for kids from poor families, said Health and Medical Education Minister Dr.K.Sudhakar.

Dr.Sudhakar participated in the stone laying ceremony of the Medical ICU that is being constructed in Kidwai at a cost of Rs.4 crores from the contribution of philanthropist Rajshekhar in memory of Shri Ramalinga Reddy and also inaugurated the newly established bone marrow transplant facility.

Speaking at the program to mark the International Childhood Cancer Day, Dr.Sudhakar said that bone marrow transplant is unaffordable to poor patients at private hospitals. The new facility at Kidwai will ensure no one is deprived of cancer treatment. Two kids have already received treatment and more people will avail treatment here in coming days.

People from across the state come to Kidwai for cancer treatment which has increased the burden on Kidwai. To address this and increase the accessibility of quality cancer treatment across the state we are planning to set up regional centres in all districts. We already have regional centres in Tumkur, Kalburgi, Shivamogga and Mysore. The one in Belagavi will start this year.

Childhood cancer is one of the major causes of death among kids and adolescents across the world, especially in developing countries. Lack of early diagnosis and timely treatment are the main reasons behind fatality.

Minister expressed confidence that people can expect an excellent budget from CM Basavaraj Bommai who is well versed in public finance.

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