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Hijab row: Muslim girl students and parents stage protest and boycott class

Bengaluru, Feb 15:

Staging protest and ignoring high court interim order by wearing Hijab were the developments that took place.

The full bench of the High Court in its interim order restricted entry with hijab or saffron shawl untill the final order.
Muslim girls and their parents in some schools protested and boycotted classes as they were adamant to wear Hijab inside the classes by ignoring the Karnataka High Court’s interim order, which restricted wearing Hijab or saffron shawl inside campus.

The government has allowed opening the schools for ninth and 10th standard students while it has announced opening pre-university colleges from Wednesday and degree and diploma colleges from Thursday.

In a government school in Indavara village in Chikkamagaluru district, Muslim girls were not let inside the school and were asked to go back.
Upon hearing this, the parents reached the school and protested. They barged into the campus, raised slogans and demanded that the order be viven to them in writing.

As the protest intensified, a Hindu student brought out a saffron shawl from his school bag. On the direction of his teachers, he put it back inside his bag.
Seeing the situation tense, the principal let off the school for the day.

In a school in Shivamogga district headquarter, a Burqa clad girl refused to appear for exam when the school authorities asked her to remove her Hijab.
“We are grown up wearing Hijab since our childhood and we cannot give it up. I will not write the exam and I will go home,” the girl told reporters.

In the SVS School in Tumakuru district, Muslim parents thronged the school premises after their daughters were turned away from the school for wearing Hijab.
When the tension erupted, policemen rushed to the spot and sent everybody.
The court is hearing the case based on a petition by the students from Udupi and Kundapura who approached the court saying that Hijab was an essential religious practice and questioned the government order on February 5 which prohibited any student from hearing cloth that can disturb peace, harmony and, law and order.

On January 1, six girl students of a college in Udupi attended a press conference held by Campus Front of India (CFI) in the coastal town protesting against the college authorities denying them entry into the classroom by wearing Hijab.

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