June 23, 2024


Truth Triumphs

International Fashion Week from February 18.


Silicon City Bengaluru is all set to host the ‘Talk of the town- International Fashion Week’ in February. 40 super models will walk the ramp as part of the show and set the stage ablaze.

The show is scheduled at 5pm on February 18 at the Marriott Hotel in Whitefield, Bengaluru.

The collections of some of the most popular designers including Jayanthi Ballal, Reshma Kunnhi, Samantha Arpana, Manav, Wild Cat will be exhibited during the show. The super models will dazzle in the latest trending clothes in a wide range of varities and accessories.

Karun Raman, a reputed name worldover will direct the show. Nandini Nagarj will organise the show.

Ganesh Gold and Diamond Jewellery and Kirtilal’s Diamond and Gold Jewellery are the associate sponsors for the fashion week. Dhrva Production is the partner.

Actress Shweta Srivastsav, Iti Acharya, Jayaram Karthik (JK) are on the guest list, and are set to add more glamour to the fashion week.

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