March 1, 2024


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Corona rising alarmingly, guidelines to contain virus spread

Corona and Omicron cases are rising at an alarming rate and major share is from Bengaluru, pushing it to the red zone, said Health and Medical Education Minister K. Sudhakar.
Speaking to mediapersons he said, “if you observe, 90 per cent of the cases are from the metropolitan cities,’ he said.
Rise in Corona and Omicron cases in a global phenomenon and all the metropolitan cities are witnessing surge in the cases. Cases, in the state have surge to 1.6 per cent from. 04 per cent which is very alarming and measures must be taken to contain at the earliest, he added.
Special focus is given at airport and micro containment zones are being established to contain the spread.
Chief minister Basavaraj Bommai has convened a meeting with task force committee, technical advisory committee and senior officials today and a decision will be arrived at on measures to be taken.
Omicron is spreading like wildfire and same is the condition even in Bengaluru. Maharashtra and Delhi are on top of the list.
In the present scenario, Corona cannot be prevented but can be contained. In this direction, necessary measures will be taken, be assured.
Vaccination to children:
As many as 4.22 lakh vaccines have been administered to children on January 3 as against the target of 6 lakh.
State has identified 43 lakh children in the age group of 15 to 18 years.
As per guidelines of the union government first dose is being administered. We will wait for the directions from the centre on second dose to children, added Mr. Sudhakar.

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