May 27, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Honours to ASHA workers from M. S. Ramaiah Youth Foundation.

Devanahalli, October 18: “ASHA workers staked their life and served the people in the frontline during the Covid – 19 crisis. Their courage, sacrifice and service has no parallel,” said Raksha Ramaiah, Youth Congress National General Secretary.

Speaking on the occasion of honoring the ASHA workers organised inder the aegis of M.S Ramaiah Youth Foundation he said that the Youth Congress had undertaken number of service activities during Covid crisis and he was witness to the service rendered by ASHA workers.

“ASHA workers played the role of mother, sister and nurse during the Covid crisis. Their service needs to be remembered with gratitude,” the Youth Congress national general secretary added.

The M. S. Ramaiah Youth Foundation aptly chose Navarathri occasion to render the honours to ASHA workers who have been toiling day and night in the service of the people.

ASHA workers were overwhelmed with the foundations thanksgiving.

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