March 4, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Higher Education Minister sets March 1 as the deadline

E-Office mandatory in Universities

Bengaluru. Feb. 25: It has been made mandatory for all the universities to submit files online only by using the ‘E-Office’ software platform.
Stating this, Dr. C. N. Ashwatha Narayana, Minister for Higher Education, has instructed the officials of the department to send back the files which arrive in physical format after the said date.

In a letter written to ACS of the department regarding this, he has told, “Universities were instructed earlier to submit all the files through ‘E-Office’. But, it has come to my notice that some of the universities have still not implemented E-Office despite prior instruction to do so.”

He has said, though his office was functioning completely based on ‘E-Office’, letters, files, and proposals from Universities were still being sent in physical format. Expressing dissatisfaction over this, he has said this has defeated the very purpose of implementation of ‘E-Office’.

The objective of the ‘E-Office’ is to enable speedy delivery of services and to bring transparency in the system. Universities will become irrelevant if the universities do not adapt to the present-day work patterns, Narayana has added.

The Minister has also instructed to constitute a committee to get a report within 15 days on digitalization, Unified University & College Management System (UUCMS), National Academic Depository (NAD) which are being implemented as per New Education Policy (NEP-2020)

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