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Prekshadhyan Meditation: Path to peace amd spirituality

Bengaluru, April 18: In today’s hectic lifestyle, every person suffers from various types of physical, mental and emotional ailments. Even after achieving everything, the person is restless, sad and the result is disease, depression, fear, violence and fragmentation in families.

Prekshadhyan Meditation Camp will be held Bangalore from April 23rd to 30th at Acharya Tulsi Chetna Kendra, Kengeri.

ARE YOU READY? This is the moment to decide to elevate your consciousness to move ahead on the path of peace and spirituality. You are cordially invited to this Preksha Meditation camp!

What is the solution to these current problems? Getting to the solution is an expectation of getting to the root cause of the problem. The root cause of this problem is the person and its solution is also the person himself. One needs to look within and know oneself. The name of this process of knowing and recognizing oneself is – Prekshadhyan Prekshadhyan is the amalgamation of our ancient texts, modern science and experience.

Prekshadhyan is the practice of purifying our thoughts and consciousness and is a process of self realization. Through the practice of Prekshadhyan, we can reform our nature, behaviour and personality.

Prekshadhyan reveals the consciousness of a person, helps him see within, to know and understand the subtle vibrations in ones’ body, mind and soul, free from attachment andaversion. Revised in the year 1975, Prekshadhyan is the result of the efforts of Ganadhipati Shree Tulsi and Acharyashree Mahapragya.

The experiments of meditation practiced by Lord Mahavir during his sadhana period, were systematically organized by Acharyashree Mahapragya under the guidance of Ganadhipati Shree Tulsi, after researching and practicing this art for 20 years.

At present, Acharya Shri Mahashramanji, who has achieved the depths of meditation, is leading the successful practice of Prekshadhyan pedagogy and has taken the path of internal transformation through it. Acharya Mahashramanji has been instrumental in helping thousands of people from all over the country and abroad to have experienced joy and peace through Prekshadhyan Camps.

Prekshadhyan can be learnt and practiced by any person without any discrimination of caste, religion, colour and gender.

Thousands of camps and seminars have been organized in the country and abroad. Lakhs of people belonging to different cultures have experienced internal change by practicing this meditation. With regular practice, this meditation is proving to be a boon for human life today.

Benefits of Meditation: The main benefit of Prekshadhyan is purification of the mind. Prekshadhyan plays a major role in providing the experience of balance, joy and peace in our life. For freedom from mental tensions, transformation of energy, elevation of consciousness and development of concentration, Prekshadhyan is indeeda boon to human life.

Prekshadhyan purifies the person’s emotions and improves behavioural patterns. Prekshadhyan generates self-confidence and develops mental concentration. Prekshadhyan, which eliminates the disease and title, is also the gateway to enlightenment.

Along with this, the practice of Prekshadhyan is beneficial for the treatment of various diseases. Preksha Foundation is an important part of Jain Vishwa Bharati. The overall activities related to Prekshadhyan are regulated by the Preksha Foundation. The objectiveof Preksha Foundation is to do spiritual service to mankind through Prekshadhyan conducted with devotionunder the efficient spiritual guidance of AcharyaShree Mahashramanji.

Prekshadhyan Camp Eight-day Preksha meditation camps are organized every month by Preksha Foundation in the picturesque and solemn premisesof Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun (Rajasthan), through which one gets the company of the enlightened Saman-Samani Vrindaas classes are conducted by them. These experimentsand exercises of Prekshadhyan are done by trained instructors.

Arrangements for proper accommodation and sattvik food aremade available for the participants. For camp related information and registration, please contact Preksha Foundation.

Prekshadhyan Meditation Camp, Bangalore Fron April 23rd to 30th.

Venue: Acharya Tulsi Chetna Kendra, Kengeri ARE YOU READY? This is the moment to decide to elevate yourconsciousness to move ahead on the pathof peace and spirituality. You are cordially invited to this Preksha Meditation camp!

ASHOK CHINDALIA VEENA BAID Chair Person Preksha Foundation South Zone Coordinator M : 9448063260

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