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BBMP adheres to FIFO in Khata services

Bengaluru, Nov. 28: Following bogus khata scams and out of turn khatas, the BBMP has implemented FIFO (First In First Out) in all Property Services in Sakala Application.

BBMP special commissioner (Revenue) Muneesh Moudgil is instrumental in introducing FIFO who has already brought in several reforms in survey and other departments where he has served in different capacities.

Following rampant complaints against effecting out of turn khatas and alleged complaints of revenue officials making officials run from pillar to post FIFO has been introduced.

Speaking to Bengaluru Express, BBMP special commissioner (Revenue) Muneesh Moudgil said that khata applications are received and routed to concerned revenue officials through sakala. Under this, now, it is made mandatory to clear application on seniority. 

FIFO means none can take up or dispose Khata Transfer or Khata Creation etc out of turn. Every case has to be disposed in sequence of its receipt that is as per its date and time of receipt, according to Mr. Moudgil.

According to a senior revenue official,

there was no frame work or guidelines to issue notices to property owners. Now a format has been created to issue uniform notice to property owners and to fetch property details and data.

This also provides a Standard Operating Procedure ( SOP) to revenue department and helps to maintain proper revenue. This will also comes handy for creating and extracting data for e-asthi too, the official said.

This system, apart from bringing transparency it prescribes the duties and  jurisdiction of officials. Disputed cases will have separate FIFO but within that seniority, the official said.

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