July 15, 2024


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Extension of legislature session te be decided after discussion: CM

Belagavi. Dec 22.Decision on extending the duration of legislature session including the joint session and budget session in the coming days would be taken after due discussion. It would provide more time for meaningful debates in the house, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said.
Presenting his opinion on the view that the session should have more meaningful discussions in the Legislative Assembly, Bommai said, there would be no problem if members adhere to the rules and procedures of conduct in the house. Both the houses of legislature have a rich tradition. There are rules and procedures to raise the issues. We should conduct ourselves accordingly.
Referring to making best use of the time allotted for debates Bommai said, opposition parties should naturally get more time and importance. A system of allotting time to a political party according to its strength in the house is in practice in the Lok Sabha. The problem could be resolved if the same system is adopted here. 
Along with extension of duration of the session, a close look is also needed to examine the effectiveness of the debates witnessed in the house, he said.

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