March 4, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Dress code: Maintain peace and harmony: CM Bommai

Bengaluru. Feb 10:

Let us impose self restraint to maintain peace and harmony. Let us not speak anything about the dress code that would disturb peace in schools and colleges, Chief Minister Basavarj Bommai said.

Speaking to media persons on Thursday he said, “the issue of school uniform has been referred to a three judge bench. Holiday has been declared for schools and colleges with an intention to avoid disturbances in schools and colleges. It is the duty of all the organisations to ensure that peace and harmony is not disturbed. Let us wait for the court final verdict. In a democracy, we all should respect the court order. Peace should be maintained.”

Sensitivity needed on children’s issues

“We should be sensitive when it comes to the issues related to the children as it will have impact on them. Charges and counter charges are being made from both sides. As the High Court is seized of the matter let us wait for the final judgement,” Mr. Bommai said.

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