March 1, 2024


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Distress Warrants on foreclosure of three properties against pending property tax

A team of Officers from the Revenue Department, led by the Joint Commissioner of Yelahanka Zone have executed distress warrants against Manyata Tech Park, Royal Grand Kalyana Mantapa and Reva University (within Byatarayanapura Assembly Constituency) for failing to pay their property tax dues.

These property owners of ward number 05 (Jakkur) and 06 (Thanisandra) within Byatarayanapura subdivision had property tax dues. As per 148 (4) of BBMP Act 2020, the below-mentioned places were visited by officers on 1st February 2022 for the collection of pending property taxes.

  1. Manyata Tech Park:
    Total Station Survey was carried out in the year 2018-19 for the 9 different blocks within Manyata Tech Park at Nagavara Ring Road in Thanisandra Ward. It was observed that the measurement of the surveyed buildings was falsely (less than the actual) declared during property tax declaration and payments. Accordingly, a notice with a total amount of Rs. 1,01,38,87,611, including a penalty not less than twice the tax evaded, was issued to the property owner. But they had paid only a sum of Rs. 28,67,97,434 with the remaining Rs. 72,70,90,177 as dues. Even though a demand notice was issued to pay the pending amount, the owner failed to pay the amount. Leading to the execution of the distress warrant.
  2. Royal Grand Kalyana Mantapa
    The Royal Grand Kalyana Mantapa, owned by N Anandamoorthy, the property owner of 320/72/1 on Nagavara Thanisandra Main Road in Thanisandra Ward, had a total property tax dues of Rs. 70,68,930 with taxes pending since 2012-13. When a demand notice was issued on tax payment, the owner had given a cheque of Rs. 9 lakh which failed the clearance due to lack of funds in the owner’s account. Hence, the warrant of foreclosure was executed.
  3. Reva University
    The Total Station Survey was carried out in the year 2018-19 for all buildings of Reva University owned by Rukmini Educational Charitable Trust in khatha number 101 in Kattigenahalli village of Jakkur ward. It was observed that the measurements of buildings were falsely (less than the actual) mentioned during the declaration of property tax payments. Accordingly, the calculated tax due is Rs. 16,95,64,078. The distress warrant was executed for non-payment of tax dues even after issuing demand notice.

Among the three assets of the Yelahanka Zone, tax due from Manyata Tech Parks is Rs. 72,70,90,177, that of Royal Grand Kalyana Mantapa is Rs. 70,68,930, and Reva University has dues of Rs. 16,95,64,078. Even after several demand notices were issued, they have failed to pay the taxes. So, today, Smt. Poornima KAS, Joint Commissioner of Yelahanka zone executed the distress warrant to all three properties.

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