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Congress padayatra: Inconvenience to Bengalureans: CM Bommai

Bengaluru. Mar. 1: Congress has put the people of Bengaluru into inconvenience for its political interests. Their padayatra would not benefit people of Bengaluru in any way. Instead it would add to their woes, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said.

Speaking to media persons he said, Congress has no moral right to pressurise the government for implementation of the Mekedatu project.

Inconvenience for Bengalureans

Congress leaders could have staged their protest at the Freedom Park. They are creating traffic snarls in the city by taking out padayatra for 3 days in the city. In Bengaluru even a small hold-up in traffic in one spot leads to traffic jams throughout the city. Though the Congress leaders are aware of it, they are putting the entire city into trouble for their political interests. It would not be of any use for Bengaluru, instead it would add to the woes of people of Bengaluru, Bommai said.

Govt is committed to Mekedatu project

The State government is committed to implementation of the Mekedatu project. Congress leaders are staging protests for the projects which they failed to execute when they were in power. They had not bothered to even prepare a DPR for the Mekedatu project when they were in power. Now they are demanding immediate implementation of the project. Similarly, they could not achieve anything for any project. We have shown progress in our regime. We have shown commitment. We will definitely do it. They have no moral right to put the blame on us, Bommai said.

Replying to a question on registering cases against the protesters, Bommai said, “how many cases were registered against opposition leaders when Congress was in power, how many times they ordered lathi charge, they should recall. The law is taking its own course. They should understand the reality. Statements from Congress leaders show to what depths they have fallen. They have become desperate for power,” Bommai said.

Reacting to KPCC President DK Shivakumar’s statement against the Home Minister, Bommai said, Shivakumar is a senior leader who has helmed many ministries when in power, it is easy to pass comments on others. But he should understand the situations and circumstances. He should introspect about his own role under such circumstances, Bommai said.

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