July 16, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Education makes one go places and be a gogetter : CM

Bengaluru, June 19: Scientific and Ideology based education is the need of the hour for the progress of the society. Because of my basic education I got a law degree and it led the way for me to become Chief Minister, said Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

Participating in the pratibha puraskara (Talent honour) for Karnataka Residential Educational Institutions Society (KREIS)
students organised by the Social Welfare Department at Dr BR Ambedkar Bhavan he went on a nostalgic trip.

“Instead of enrolling me at school my father sent me to Veeramakkala kunita troupe in my childhood days. Luckily, my Veera makkala kunita teacher was a learned person and taught us basic Kannada and mathematics. We were made to write on the sand to practice,” he recalled.

Later, I grazed buffalos for one year. Fortunately, a teacher called Rajappa was posted to a government school in our village. Due to his perseverance to enrol dropouts back into the school some students got entry into the school.

Since myself, Maralingayya and Menasegowda knew Kannada arnamale and a bit of maths we all vot entolled directly to 5th standard. I have not had formal school education till class 5, he explained.

The caste system prevailed in the society has ruined the values of society. Father of Constitution Dr BR Ambedkar through the constitution made education a fundamental right.
So, I believe in principles of Budha, Basava and Ambedkar who advocated the importance of education and the crushing of superstition, he said.

Whosoever got the opportunity for education progressed and others lagged behind. Hence this lead to
inequality in society, he said.

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