May 19, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Congress demands scientific audit of all flyovers – elevated corridors in city

In the wake of allowing only light motor vehicles on Peenya flyover by by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), has raised the concern about strength of different flyovers across the city.

After experts from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) who were conducting load testing, heavy vehicles were not allowed to ply on the flyover.

The opposition Congress has been demanding for stability audit of all the flyovers in the city.

Flyovers have been constructed by different agencies like BDA, BBMP and NHAI. These flyovers have been designed to last for at least 60 years. But the startling revealation, stating that the Peenya elevated corridor is unfit for heavy vehicle movement, by the IISc on the stability increased the mounting fear among the public.

The flyover that should last for a minimum of 50 years is getting weakened in just a span of 10 years. The quality of the flyover shoulx be probed and action must be initiated against the contractor, demanded MLC PR Ramesh.

PR Ramesh

He had dashed off a letter to allow him to raise the issue during the zero hour.

It may be recalled that traffic flow on the flyover was restricted from December 25 ladt year. After almost a wait of over 50 days only light motor vehicles are allowed, after shocking revealation by the IISc.

The flyover was executed and commissioned by Navayuga engineering company in 2010. Within a span of 12 years, the flyover gets a unfit for HMV tag!


BBMP Incharge engineer in chief Prahallad says, flyovers and elevated corridors executed by the BBMP are fit and are subjected to periodical inspections and audits. Technical glitches of a couple of flyovers have been fixed, he added.

The flyover was closed for traffic in December 2021 after NHAI found fault in cables in two spans of the 5km flyover during a routine check. Some of the cables had corroded. Initially, authorities had hoped to fix the problem in a week, but that did not happen. It took the NHAI 53 days to repair and conduct the tests.

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