June 15, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Chief Commissioner reviews road restoration of 110 villages

Restoration of road and pothole filling has become a mega challenge to the BBMP.

The roads of 110 villages where BWSSB has completed drain and Under Ground Drainage (UGD) work restoration should be done on priority, warned BBMP chief commissioner Gaurav Gupta.
Addressing engineers through virtual meeting, he directed officials to complete the restoration work failing which ster action will be initiatwd against them.

The state government has released a grant of Rs. 1,078 crore for restoration of roads in 110 villages and the grants have to be utilised by the end of May and ensure smooth flow of traffic, said Gupta.

Complaints should come frkm nowhere with regard to ththe condition of roads. No sub-standard work should gake place. Arterial and sub arterial roads must be restored, he directed all officials.

Restoration of roads in 110 villages stretching 794.98 kms length has been taken up in 74 packages. Of this, 289.69 kms of roads have been restored and 505.29 kms needs to be restored. By the end of May all the roads must be restored, he directed.
All zonal chief engineers, chief engineer of road infrastructure and other engineers attended virtual meet.

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