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Cancer Prevention: A Guide’ Unveils Practical Strategies for a Healthier Tomorrow

Bengaluru, Feb. 4: In a pioneering effort to empower individuals in the fight against cancer, the Society for Prevention of Cancer (SPOC) has come out with a comprehensive book authored by experts titled “Cancer Prevention: A Guide.” This comprehensive guide, penned in accessible language, aims to equip readers with valuable insights and lifestyle modifications to proactively prevent cancer, a disease often diagnosed at advanced stages.

Speaking at the book launch in Bengaluru, Dr. MK Ramesh, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, stressed the critical focus on cancer prevention. He commended the authors, stating that even a modest adoption of lifestyle changes can contribute significantly to fostering a healthier society.

Dr. Nanda Rajaneesh (Founder-Director and Chairperson of the Society for Prevention of Cancer-SPOC) and co-editor of the book, highlighted its relevance for all, providing essential lifestyle tips for cancer prevention.
Dr. Rajaneesh stressed that the book serves as a valuable resource not only for preventive measures but also for cancer patients seeking guidance on preventing recurrence.

Dr. M Vijay Kumar (Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Yenepoya, deemed to be university, Mangaluru, and co-editor) discussed the book’s comprehensive coverage of all cancer types. He emphasized the significance of taking precautionary steps and announced plans for a second edition with additional modifications.

Dr. Rohan Thomas Mathew (Consultant-Head and Neck surgeon and co-editor), stressed practical advice in the book, ranging from avoiding tobacco and alcohol to embracing holistic therapies. He clarified that the book, born out of a two-year collaboration, is not an academic tome but a user-friendly guide for everyone, with each chapter providing specific insights into cancer prevention.

Simple tips to prevent Cancer

Dr Nanda Rajaneesh said, “There are millions of cancer cells that are formed in our body round the clock. But our body’s immune system takes care of multiple cancer cells by autophagy (making the cells digest itself). Hence, people can take up a lot of simple preventive measures like intermittent fasting. “We can prevent cancer by improving the autophagy through our immune system. Nutrition, diet, exercise, yoga, meditation and other components of integrative therapy have helped prevent cancer recurrence and holistically treat cancer patients. Integrative therapy addresses symptom control with non-pharmacological therapies, such that it improves physical and emotional strength in cancer patients

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