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BJP Should Get Drought Relief from the Centre Rather than Criticising State government: DCM D K Shivakumar

Bengaluru, Feb 04: Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar today lambasted the State BJP leaders for constantly criticising the Congress government on drought relief while not doing anything to seek drought relief from the Centre.

Speaking to reporters at his Sadashivanagar residence, he said, “The State BJP leaders haven’t made any efforts to hold a meeting with the BJP government in the Centre to seek drought relief funds for the State which is reeling under severe drought. Instead, they are busy criticising the State government.”

Asked about BJP leaders’ comments that BJP government in the Centre has given more drought relief funds than the previous Manmohan Singh government, he said, “Manmohan Singh’s government is long gone. The BJP has been in power for the last 10 years. They always talk about Double engine Sarkar but why aren’t they seeking help for the State from the Centre. They have never spoken to Central leaders about State’s welfare.”

“The Siddaramaiah government has deposited Rs 2,000 to the accounts of farmers affected by drought. We have taken enough steps to overcome the drinking water issue in drought-hit areas. The Centre hasn’t done anything about it. The Centre announced Rs 5,300 crore for irrigation projects in Karnataka but they haven’t released any funds. The Centre hasn’t done anything about the metro either,” he said.

“In this backdrop, we are left with no other choice but to raise our voice for the State. I invite the State BJP leaders and JDS leaders to join our protest on February 7th, he added. Asked if Kerala and Telangana would join the protest, he said, “This protest is against Centre’s injustice to Karnataka. Other states will hold their protests.”

Asked about BJP State President B Y Vijayendra’s statement that ‘Modi’s guarantee is the superior to all other guarantees’, he said, “He has got lucky to become a State President in just seven months. His position is the ancestral property from his father. Let him talk, I won’t stop him. It is ironic that Prime Minister Modi, who criticised the Congress guarantees in the past, is now talking about guarantees in his name!”

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