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Cancer patients must be treated with love – emotional support: Health Minister

Cancer is not fatal, it’s curable

Bengaluru, Feb. 4:

Cancer doesn’t mean death. It is just another disease. We need to create awareness that cancer is not always fatal and can be cured if detected at an early stage, said Health Minister Dr.K.Sudhakar.

Speaking at the programme organised on the occasion of World Cancer Day, Dr.Sudhakar said that we are organising a new initiative ‘Cancer Awareness Week’ as suggested by CM BS Bommai.

As per WHO, cancer is increasing in countries where illiteracy and poverty are high. So we are conducting special camps for screening people who are below property line. Kidwai and other organizations have joined hands for this initiative. The earlier it is diagnosed the easier it is to cure and lesser the cost of treatment. We must treat cancer patients with love and extend emotional support.

People panic as soon as they hear the word cancer. Thanks to the research and innovation of our scientists, 21st century has several medicines and treatment methods to cure cancer. If the cancer is in first or second stage it can be cured completely in most of the cases.

Around 1 crore people across the world are die due to cancer every year. In India about the 12-13 lakh people and in Karnataka about 20,000 to 25,000 people are detected with cancer every year. Women above 30 years must be aware of uterus and breast cancer, which is the accounts for 30%-40% cancer deaths among women. Women must get checked for cancer atleast once in every 5 years. Lung cancer and oral cancer are predominat among men due to smoking and tobacco. People must stay away from tobacco, smoking and cultivate healthy lifestyle.

All district hospitals have cancer diagnosing centres. This has been extended this to taluk hospitals also. We will make this facility available at CHCs as well very soon. Cancer hospitals have been established at Mysuru and Tumkur. We will soon start a dedicated cancer hospital in Hubballi.

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