July 16, 2024


Truth Triumphs

C+ C + C = Life! Choices, chances, and changes in life.

GUEST COLUMN: Dr. Prabhudev

Bangalore, Jan. 1: The Paradox of Choice — Even Not Choosing is a Choice. We have lost our ability to filter what is important and what isn’t. ‘Decision fatigue’- more choices the quality of our decisions deteriorates.
Let’s start that life is a matter of chance. You cannot choose your parents. Your parents have chosen you. Your gender – XXY or XY is neither your choice nor your parent’s. It is a chance! To live life to the fullest- well, that is a choice.

Every Single Choice Makes a Difference… Not to smoke or to quit smoking, to eat with heart in mind – onions, berries and cherries, fish, and most green vegetables, to exercise are choices that make a difference! Choose to Respect and Love Yourself. Love of self is the basic asset of life.

God cannot be cruel. When humans act with cruelty we characterize them as ‘animals’. Yet only Humans display cruelty. I am a vegetarian by choice. Even animals have a right to live! We become insensitive to their pain. Animals are also sentient and are capable of suffering.

In the history of humankind, till date 100 billion human beings have lived in this world. But today seven billion human beings are alive. They kill and torture two billion sentient livings and suffocate one billion ocean animals in every three hours. Human beings would be wiped out in one weekend if they were killed at the same rate.
Make a choice to respect everyone. Be kind to others. Choose to Smile and smile more often! Choose to Speak without saying a word – listen actively. Every choice you make makes you! Never regret- what once made you smile!

A Small number of choices will determine the great majority of results. By choice Do to others what you want others to do to you! Choose to Save Money. Save Before You Spend. It’s cheaper to be healthy. Be adequately insured.

Life is inherently risky. Always do your best to make the right choice. Learn from the wrong ones. I believe you cannot change what you refuse to confront. It’s a cruel and random world. The chaos is all so beautiful. All powerful emotions come from chaos -fear, anger, and love- especially love. Love is chaos – It shakes you up and spins you around. And eventually, it falls apart or you fall in love. Chaos is what we have lost touch with. Embrace chaos. Chaos is the law of nature.

Your choices are like the road- long and short; smooth and rocky! There are also roads that lead to fame and fortune or isolation and poverty. Perhaps the most perplexing road that you would encounter is a crossroad. Would you take any road, or just stay where you are? There are no guarantees. Mere choosing to do the right thing would not always lead you to happiness. Mere intent does not ensure the end result!

You are free to make your choice. You are not free from the consequences of the choice. Every choice you make has an end result. Every new day is another chance to change your life. Every great accomplishment starts with the decision to try. You need to make the choice to keep going.

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