July 22, 2024


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BESCOM assures waiver of fixed electricity charges to Hotels, Restaurants

Bengaluru, May 24: Bengaluru Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) has assured waiver of fixed electricity charges to the Hotels and Restaurants situated in Bengaluru, the waiver of fixed electricity charges was extended to the hotels and restaurants during Covid 19 pandemic for a period of three months between April 2021 to June 2021.
After a meeting with representatives of Bruhat Bangalore Hotels Association headed by President P.C. Rao and FKCCI President I.S. Prasad here on Tuesday, BESCOM MD P. Rajendra Cholan and senior officials of BESCOM have assured that hotels which have registered in the tourism department are entitled to get waiver of electricity fixed charges for a period of three months.
Mr. Cholan asked hotel association office bearers to furnish the details of registration of hotels and restaurants to the BECOM officials concerned. The fixed electricity charges will be reimbursed by the Tourism department. The state government was ordered for waiver of fixed electricity charges to hotels and restaurants on August 16, 2021.
Regarding providing of quality power supply to Hotels and Restaurants, the BESCOM has taken all necessary steps. Except during natural calamities, the BESCOM is committed to provide uninterrupted power supply to the business establishments, BESOM MD assured.
In Kombalagodu region electricity supply was disrupted due to heavy pouring on last week. Due to heavy raining , electric poles were broken and trees fell on electric poles, immediate action was taken to restore power supply in Kombalagodu industrial area, BESCOM MD said in the meeting.
He further informed the delegation that the KPTCL is augmenting the existing Transformer for permanent relief for industrial and commercial consumers in Kumbalgodu area and this work will be finished within a week.

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