July 16, 2024


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BBMP chief stresses on bed reservation for Covid-19 patients

With the surging Covid 19 cases in the city, BBMP Chief Commissioner Gourav Gupta instructed the officials to take up necessary measures regarding the bed reservation for covid 19 patients at private hospitals- in accordance to the government’s order.

Addressing a virtual meeting to discuss Covid Hospital Bed Management System(CHBMS) in BBMP limits, today, Mr. Gupta said that, the rise in the number of covid 19 cases might strike panic among public. With the proper arrangements of beds at hospitals (govt & private), in accordance to the government’s order, the conditions can be tackled efficiently.

Around 60,000 covid tests are being done on a daily basis. Daily admission rate has seen an increase from 20 to 60 admissions per day. But, the infected persons need not be worried. BBMP’s tele triazing team and mobile triazing team of concerned ward will check the health conditions of the infected. Infected persons can continue with home isolation unless it needs hospitalisation, he said.

Zone wise personnel should be deployed to ensure proper triaging. Zonal coordinators should monitor the system, he added.

CV Raman nagar General hospital, KC General hospital, Jayanagar hospital and Bowring hospitals are declared as covid hospitals and reserved for covid treatment. Sufficient beds are made available at private hospitals.
Unnecessary rush for bed, oxygen, ICU in private hospitals should be prevented by creating awareness. There ahould be no dearth of beds and allotment should be in a transparent manner, he directed.

Ensure 10,000 to 12,000 beds:

According to government order, 10,000 to 12,000 beds should be made available in private hospitals by January 16 in BBMP limits. In this regard, nodal officers should visit and inspect the hospitals and instruct hospital authorities to keep the beds reserved for covid treatment, said Mr. Gupta. He also instructed the officials to collect exact data on the number of beds in hospitals, occupied and unoccupied beds.

Helpdesk at 100+ bedded hospitals

Helpdesk should be set up at the hospitals with over 100 beds. They should provide necessary information to the general public visiting hospital.

Nodal Officer for CHBMS Kumar Pushkar, members of CHBMS Bishwajit Mishra, BBMP Special Commissioner (Health) Dr Trilok Chandra, all the Zonal Commissioners, Zonal Coordinators, Hospital Nodal officers, Chief Health Officer, Zonal Health Officers, Health Officers, covid war room personnel and other officers were present.

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