May 23, 2024


Truth Triumphs

PM Modi ushers era of people’s development in the country, lauds Guv

Prime Minister Naendra Modi has been striving hard to provide good governance by undertaking several reforms since 2014 onwards, said governor Thaawae Chand Gehlot.
Inaugurating the three day 49th national convention of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), an apex body of Company secretaries, with a theme of – Good Governance: The Universal Dharma – through online mode from Raj Bhavan he said that Mr. Modi abides by Koutilya’s doctrine, which entirely focussses on people’s welfare than focussling on King’s welfare alone. “As Koutilya said, no King can ever be happy if his subjects are not happy. PM Modi follows this his age old adage from day one after he sworn in as PM in 2014,” he said.
“Mr Modi’s strong leadership and his sharp acumen to find solutions has catapulted him into global leaders league. His vision has helped the country to achieve what it was deemed as ‘impossible’ until he arrived to lead the country from the front in 2014,” he appreciated.
The Governor said that Mr. Modi is consistent in taking bold decisions to usher reforms in various sectors, has catapulted country into global business powerhouse. “Several foreign countries are showing more eagerness and vigour to invest in India as Mr Modi’s reforms have started bearing the fruits even as the Covid, global pandemic still wreaking havoc,” Mr Ghelot said.
The governor added that the Karnataka Government too following Mr Modi’s footsteps and getting even closer with the people in the state by taking up various developmental and social welfare programmes. “Recently, Karnataka has launched two iconic people outreach programmes, – Jana Spandana (People’s Response) and Jana Seva (People’s Service) – which are online services has only helped in bringing people even more closer to the government in the state,” he said.

Delivering the presidential remarks, ICSI president, CS, Nagendra D. Rao said that the good qualities put their footprints everywhere. “Our 49th national conference main theme is all about Good Governance. Good governance is not just governing a body or country. But it is qualities like honesty, sincerity and good heart can not be bought with money nor can be produces with machines, but only by the mind itself. This is is the essence of humankind, inner light or God’s blessings,” he observed.
He added that that ICSI was hosting its flagship conference nearly after a gap of two decades in Bengaluru. “First time such event was hosted in 2001,” he said.
He said that each technical session designed to give more insights as well as give our CS community a peep into newer opportunities. “It gives me immense pleasure to thank all pannelists and speakers who have taken time out of their busy schedules to guide our members including those who were unable to be present but are going to connect us urging this even through various virtual modes.

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