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438 Namma Clinics to begin operations by December 15 across Karnataka: Health minister Dr K Sudhakar

243 Namma Clinics to begin within BBMP limits, appointment of 160 doctors already completed

Bengaluru, October 06: A total of 438 Health and Wellness Centers or Namma Clinics are set to begin operating in Karnataka by December 15. Out of these, 243 Namma Clinics will begin operating within BBMP limits, said Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar addressing Media personnel in Bengaluru on Thursday.

Minister Sudhakar visited the model ‘Namma Clinic’ established at Bengaluru’s Mahalakshmipuram and spoke to media personnel following the visit. Each Namma clinic will consist of a doctor, a nurse, a lab technician and a group D employee.

Minister Sudhakar told media personnel that appointment of 160 doctors have been completed and the BBMP has issued a notification to appoint the remaining doctors for the BBMP Namma Clinics. Minister Sudhakar stated that the appointments are expected to be completed by the end of this week. The appointments for all the remaining staff are completed for the 243 Namma Clinics in the BBMP limits, Minister Sudhakar said.

The program has been focused to address the healthcare needs of Urban poor, especially people falling below the poverty line and people living in huts. Each ward of the city will consist of atleast one Namma Clinic and will operate like PHCs. In addition to providing healthcare, the Namma Clinics will focus on creating awareness about government healthcare schemes.

As per the guidelines, PHCs in accordance with the population exist in rural areas. However, there aren’t enough government healthcare centers in urban areas to cater to the population. Hence, this new scheme has been launched. The Karnataka government under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Basavaraj Bommai and the Union government under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi have provided complete support for the new initiative. BBMP currently has a total of 198 wards which may increase in the future. We have sanctioned additional Clinics so as to ensure one clinic per ward in case of expansion.

Dr. Sudhakar, Health Minister

The Namma Clinics are being established in government buildings and rented buildings which have an area of 1000-1200 Sq.ft. The government will incur a cost of Rs 138 crore to maintain the staff each year. We have also incurred a non recurring cost of Rs 17.52 crore to establish the Namma Clinics. Totally, we have incurred a cost of Rs.155 crore as of now. Namma Clinics will also create awareness about Yoga, Pranayama, Dhyana and food habits at the clinics, Minister Sudhakar said.

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