May 27, 2024


Truth Triumphs

We have fulfilled our promises from the day we took oath: CM

The superstitious belief that we will lose power if we visit Chamarajanagar is an insult to its people : My chair is getting safer after every visit to Chamarajanagar : CM

Chamarajanagar, March 12: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that ‘We fulfilled our promises from the day we took oath. We have implemented five guarantees in eight months and have spent 36,000 crore rupees and directly deposited to beneficiaries.

He was speaking after distributing benefits to the beneficiaries and inaugurating the convention of the beneficiaries of government guarantee schemes.

‘It is the aspiration of the constitution that power and wealth should be distributed among all in the society. The Congress government has formulated programs as per the aspirations of the constitution and guarantees are provided. Ours is the only government that has fulfilled its promises,’ the CM said.

‘4.5 crore people are beneficiaries of our five guarantees. We are giving 45 thousand to 50 thousand rupees per year to every family in the state. Why is the BJP opposing this? Shouldn’t the people of the country get government benefits? He questioned.

‘We have given Rs 36,000 crore to 4.5 crore people of 1.20 crore families. 59000 crore rupees are provided for guarantees in the next year. 1.20 lakh crores are provided in the budget for the development of the state.’he said

My chair gets safer after visiting to Chamrajnagar everytime:

‘The superstitious belief that we will lose power if we visit to Chamarajanagar is an insult to the people of the district. My chair gets safer with every visit to Chamrajnagar’ he said.

Beware about Manusmrithi which is our enemy : ‘The followers of Manusmrithi who want to change the constitution and Manusmrithi itself is our enemy. BJP should be defeated miserably so that they don’t get a chance to change the constitution. Please empower me by giving victory to our candidates, the CM appealed.

Social Welfare Minister HC Mahadevappa, Animal Husbandry Minister K. Venkatesh, MLAs of Mysuru and Chamarajanagar districts and senior officials were present.

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