May 23, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Unscientific humps altered for motorists safety

A day after high court came down heavily against BBMP, minister Dr. C. N. Ashwath Narayana, also Malleswaram constituency MLA had warned of stern action against
BBMP officials concerned for erecting unscientific humps that lead to accidents.

He had also threatened to register casees against those responsible for it.
Modifications were made to the unscientific road humps on Margosa road and painted white stripes to increase its’ visibility,.
Rumblers have been put before the speed breaker to enable slowing down of vehicles.

Particularly, Mr Narayan had warned Praveen, BBMP engineer (Major Roads Division), and instructed him to attend to it immediately. He seriously objected for carelessness of the officials for not visiting the spot even after multiple acvidents.

In addition to altering a toad hump at Margosa road, they have painted white strips to speed breakers at Ramamohanapura, Mahakavi Kuvempu Road, 3RD main-Sriramapuram, D Block-Gayatrinagara, and 2nd Block- Rajajinagara.

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