March 1, 2024


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Rocky Bhai Yash gets a ‘poster gift’ for his birthday

January 8: Sandalwood’s rocking star Yash got a gift for his birthday through a release of a beautiful poster ahead of release of most anticipated pan India movie – KGF 2.

The movie trailer released last year on his birthday garnered good response and it became a trend.

The poster which reads “caution danger ahead” with Yash in his angry Rocky bhai look in the background has won millions of hearts and his fans who have not got the opportunity to celebrate their favorite star’s birthday.

The big movie is scheduled to hit the screens world wide release on April 14. The release date was earlier postponed due to the ongoing pandemic. 

Director of the movie Prashanth Neel wrote on his wall that “happy birthday my rocky. Can’t wait for this monster to conquer the world on April 14.”

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