June 7, 2023


Truth Triumphs

‘People have discarded dynastic politics of Congress and JDS’

Dr.C.N.Ashwath Narayan campaigns for MLC candidate in Mysuru

Mysuru, June 7: Claiming, that people have rejected both the Congress and the JDS, which are anti-democratic and known for having clung to family politics (dynastic politics), Dr.C.N.Ashwath Narayan, Minister for Higher Education, expressed confidence that the party candidate M.V.Ravishankar from South Graduates constituency would get elected in the forthcoming MLC election.

Addressing while campaigning for the MLC candidate of the party M.V.Ravishankar on Tuesday at Ayurvedic College, BGS college, Maharaja college, Yuvaraja college, Saraswatipuram Somani college, and Alanahalli Cauveri college, he stated that the candidate of the party has the mindset of responding to aspirations of graduates.

Saying, there is a wave in favour of the BJP in Mysuru, Mandya, Hasana, and Chamarajanagara districts, he added that BJP has always shown its’ commitment to fulfilling the promises.

“Former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and some other leaders of Congress are indulged in making baseless allegations against the BIJP with regard to PSC and Assistant Professors recruitment. But these accusations are politically motivated. Moreover, the BJP lead government has ordered for inquiry. However, when Congress was in power they used to hush up such scams” he hit out.

Claiming, that the BJP led government in the state would not tolerate corruption, Narayan added, re-examination for PSI recruitment will be conducted soon.

“The state is in the forefront in the entire country in implementation of NEP-2020 in the higher education. The same will be implemented at the primary beginning this year and gradually will be applied to all grades,” minister explained.

MLC candidate M.V.Ravishankar and district leaders of the party were present.

Interaction with guest faculty felicitated:

During the visit Interaction with the minister was arranged by the Guest Lecturers Association in a private hotel in the city.

Addressing the gathering, Minister said, “The BJP which believes in constructive politics resolved the issue of guest lecturers by increasing the salaries by more than double and this has benefitted about 11,500 members.”

“Guest lecturers have been allotted suitable work load and they have been given an option to choose whichever college they like. The system of preparing marks cards in universities itself has been introduced by spending Rs 4 crores”, he noted.

On the occasion, minister Narayan was felicitated by the association for playing an instrumental role in hiking the payments of the guest faculty.

President of the Association Hanumantesh, Lingaraju, Pavitra, Vjnay, Jayaprakash, Hema Nandish, and Jnanaprakash were among those who were present.

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