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Official apathy in issuing Category 1 certificates to Gorkha community

The community is deprived of socio-economic and education benefits: Association

Bangalore, June 27: Although the Gurkha community is qualified under category 1 to obtain caste certificate the officials feign negligence in issuing certificate, alleged the state president of Gurkhas Welfare Association Jogmal and urged the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to give direction to the officials in this regard to issue caste certificates.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday he said that the community has been born and brought up in this land for centuries and are engaged in protecting people’s property should be given category 1 to avail socio-economic and educational benefits to the community, he demanded.

The Gorkha community has been considered outsiders are not responding to their requests. Caste certificate is not available due to negligence of officials. The community has been deprived of government facilities for centuries, and getting downtrodden, he said.

The strength of the community is around 40 thousand and it has imbibed the culture, tradition and law of the land. The community is living in extreme poverty by doing housework, security work, cleaning work. Realizing poverty, illiteracy, social, economic and educational backwardness, the state government has included the Gurkha caste in the list of most backward category-1 castes. But we are deprived of the facility in true sense, he alleged.

The Gorkha community is world renowned for its national defence work. He said that the country is serving through the Gurkha regiment and we are not able to serve in the military without getting the caste certificate from Karnataka.

But only the Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation had written to all District Collectors and Chief Executive Officers of the state in July last year and ordered them to identify government land and provide plots to the landless Gurkha community. But still haven’t found a place and most of the Gorkha community don’t have school enrolment, said Jogmal.

Association Secretary Sitaram, Treasurer Mahadev Singh, Executive Committee Member Lokesh were present on the occasion.

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