March 4, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Nano treatments will be a boon for cardiac ailments: Dr. S. Swaminathan

Bengaluru, March 8: The treatments being developed based on nanotechnology will turn out to be a boon to treat cordiac ailments, which is the main cause of deaths in India, Dr.S.Swaminathan, Scientist, Shastra University, Tanjavuru, said.

Addressing the session at the ‘Bengaluru India Nano’ on Tuesday, he said, persons between ages of 45-69 were victims of heart attack in highest numbers in the country.

Cardiac patches designed and developed using nanotechnology would also enable to provide effective treatment for heart diseases, he explained. In addition to this, nano fibers will also play a helpful role in treating heart patients, Swaminathan stated.

This method has been found to be effective when tested on animalas. But the study was slightly delayed due to COVID pandemic. Many institutions have come forward for extensive study of this method. All this will lead to make nanotech based treatments a priority in coming days, senior scientist opined.

The skin tissue grafting technic which is in developmental stage would enable to treat wounds caused due to accidents and diabetes, he said.

Devices such as 3D printing and 3D LASER which are based on nanotechnology are in the final stages of development. Once they enter the market ano treatments will become affordable and accurate, he uttered.

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