June 22, 2024


Truth Triumphs

Nagendra offered resignation to avoid embarrassment for the party: DCM

Bengaluru, June 7: Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar ಆನ್ Thursday said that minister B Nagendra offered to resign voluntarily to avoid embarrassment for the party and was not asked by the Party to do so.

Speaking to reporters at the KPCC office, he said, “We had a meeting with him on Wednesday. During the discussion, Nagendra said that he had not committed any violation and was ready to face any inquiry including CBI investigation. The media reports that the Chief Minister has asked him to resign are not true. He did not want to embarrass the party and hence said he would take a decision on the resignation.”

Records of illegal transfer of funds during BJP found:
“Records of illegal funds transfer during BJP’s term have been found. There were many investigations of several illegal funds transfer during the BJP’s term but were swept under the carpet. In many cases, the funds have been brought back also. All such cases will be investigated. We will also investigate allegations of Goolihatti Shekar,” he said.

“The Chief Minister and ministers of the previous BJP government are very well aware of the scams during their term. We have also received information regarding the same. I won’t go to the extent of saying that the BJP leaders are involved in this, but we will investigate everything,” said the DCM.

“We will call the chairmen of all the Corporations and discuss this matter. These things are being done for the sake of interest. The CM and Finance Department has released some instructions regarding this,” he said.

Asked about BJP’s allegation that the Valmiki Corporation scam money had been used in Telangana elections, he said that was a stupid statement from the BJP.

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