June 23, 2024


Truth Triumphs

minister Sharan Prakash Patil denies allegations, says ready for any probe

Says destruction of evidence charge baseless

Bengaluru, June 9: Strongly rejecting all the accusations regarding Valmiki Development Corporation scam, Medical Education and Skill Development Minister Dr. Sharan Prakash Patil said that he is ready for any probe over the alleged meeting at his office in Vikasa Soudha over destruction of evidence. The minister was addressing the media personnel on Saturday to clarify his position over the allegations statement.

Refuting the charges that he held a meeting in an attempt to destroy the evidence, Minister Dr. Sharan Prakash Patil said since election code of conduct was in force I didn’t come to my office in Vikasa Soudha on the said date. “There is an accusation that I held a meeting with Valmiki Development Corporation chairman Basavaraj Daddal and others at Vikasa Soudha office in Bengaluru on May 24 and destroyed evidence. I had not come to my office on this day. This is a real travesty,” said the minister outrightly rejecting the charges against him and added that he is ready to face any probe.

Terming the accusations against him false and malicious, Dr. Patil asserted that he has discharged his duties in a honest manner and not worried about baseless charges. “I’ve no authority to say no to any probe ordered by the government. I’m content with my honest work and not bothered about false charges and moreover the office at Vikasa Soudha is not my own place but allotted by the government. As a minister I meet the people who come to meet me from different parts of the state and how can I check the antecedents of each person,” questioned the minister.

Asserting that he was not acquainted with the said officer, the minister denied any connection with him. “I’ve not even seen the accused face who is in SIT custody and I’ve nothing to do with him. I’m not even aware of his statement before the SIT officials,” Dr. Patil wondered.

Expressing his displeasure over the false allegations, Minister Dr. Sharan Prakash Patil said that he has been sincere in his duties and ruled out resigning his post. “The SIT has been conducting a fair probe, either me or the government is aware of any statement of the arrested accused. Let them check the CCTV footage if there was any meeting as alleged, I don’t have any objection. The truth would come out in the probe and the guilty must be punished. I’ve been discharging my duties in a fair and sincere manner and earning praises for the government and the party. I don’t know on what basis BJP leaders are demanding my resignation, I’ve nothing to do with this case so there is no question of resigning,” Dr. Patil maintained.

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