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Magnificent Ramalalla Statue:Renowned Sculptor Arun Yogiraj Felicitated by Guv

Bengaluru, Jan. 30: In an illustrious ceremony at Raj Bhavan, Governor Thaawarchand Gehlot extended heartfelt felicitations to the acclaimed sculptor, Arun Yogiraj, for his remarkable creation – the awe-inspiring Ramalalla idol.

Yogiraj, the artistic genius behind the iconic deity housed in the ‘garbha griha’ of the newly-inaugurated Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, shared insights on the dedication process with the Governor.

During the interaction, Arun Yogiraj elaborated on the intricate details and profound symbolism infused into the Ayodhya Ram Lalla

Following this recognition, Arun Yogiraj had the honor of meeting the esteemed Former President Ramnath Kovind. In a subsequent felicitation, Former President Kovind commended Yogiraj’s outstanding contribution to the cultural landscape, underscoring the significance of his work in preserving and celebrating heritage.

Arun Yogiraj’s dedication to his craft and the profound impact of the Ramalalla statue have earned him admiration from distinguished figures, reinforcing his position as a key influencer in the realm of architectural excellence.

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