April 24, 2024


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Karnataka Media Journalist Union Fifth Anniversary; Awards for women achievers.

The Seva Ratna and Media Seva Ratna award ceremony was organized by the Karnataka Media Journalist Union as part of the fifth anniversary and International Women’s Day.
Inaugurating the program, senior IPS officer D. Rupa said that women should grow up to be optimistic, bold, courageous and capable in all fields, women should be given the opportunity to live independently in the social system.

Retired Principal Secretary to State Government K. Ratnaprabha said that it is highly commendable that this time the state government has given more priority to women and has launched progressive programs for women by celebrating it as Women’s Priority Year.

Roshani Gowda, president of the Women’s Government Employees Association, said that women play an important role in every society and administrative system, and any state or government that ignores women is not a healthy system.

Deputy Director of Information Department Pallavi said that male children at their tender age should be taught about culture of respecting women, being courteous.

Bangalore Press Club President Sridhar said that honesty can be found in women journalists more than male journalists in journalism, and said that women journalists have the nature of boldly questioning any issue.

The Honorary President of the Union,
Shivakumar Belithatte, said, “Nowadays, earnestness and determination can be seen among women journalists. He said that it is only women who have the tendency to question anything without hesitation.

Women journalists including Vidyashree from Suvarna News, Shilpa Nag from Zee news, Punyavathi from Vijaya Karnataka, Mamata from Suvarna News, Vidya from News First, Pratibha Raman from NDTV, Neeti Venugowda from TV5 and Vidya Rashmi from Republic Kannada were felicitated with madhyama ratna award.
Besides seva ratna award was given away in the field of politics, social work, poura karmika, administration and other fields.

State President Chandrasekhar said that in the background of five years of Karnataka Media Journalist Union, such a rare program has been organized to recognize and honor women achievers on the eve of Women’s Day. Government Employees Association Nalini, Association General Secretary Nakirekanti Swamy, Union Vice President Manjunath and others participated in the program.

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