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Jayanagar MLA inaugurates Vogue Health Club

Bangalore, March 6:

Jayanagar MLA Ms Soumya Reddy and Kannada film stars inaugurated the Vogue Health Club at JP Nagar on Saturday.

The inaugural was followed by a fashion show participated by the Sandalwood actors. Speaking on the occasion, Ms Reddy said that no one should neglect health and she was happy that Vogue Health Club was aimed at transforming people to healthy lifestyles.

The promoters of the health club said that there has been a trend of increasing unhealthy sedentary lifestyle in recent days. This was accelerated by Covid as people could not step out of their homes for most of the time during lockdowns. As a result, many are suffering from health issues. Many are complaining of tiredness and obesity.

On the other hand, there is an increased awareness of health and fitness training in our city. Vogue Health Club is a premiere health club with modern equipment and specialist trainers. The Vogue Health Club has been making positive vibes by encouraging and inculcating people to follow a disciplined lifestyle. Vogue Health Club helps people in giving advisories on the right nutritious food, regular exercise, health and fitness management for overall health of an individual.

Vogue Health Club is a reputed Health Club and Fitness Center. Now, Vogue has made its debut at Dollars Colony in JP Nagar. The Vogue Club’s JP Nagar Branch was inaugurated on Saturday. The inauguration was followed by a fashion show where the Kannada film stars were the showstoppers.

Jayanagar MLA Soumya Reddy, Kannada film stars Nikhil Kumaraswamy, Vijay Surya, JK, Kamaraj, actors of KGF fame such as Garuda Ram, Avinash, Ayyappa and actress Nidhi Subbayya, Manvitha Kamat and Samyuktha Hornadu were present on the occasion.

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